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Your token could be the next Dogelon Mars, Shiba token, or even Dogecoin

Dogelon Mars

Our possibilities for you

Token release

Issue of a token

Suitable for those who want to start their journey in crypto and give their audience new opportunities to show their loyalty to the brand
NFT collection

Issue a NFT Collection

An excellent solution for those who love art and want to fulfill themselves in the digital art industry

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Starter kit

  • ПодготовкаPreparing a smart contract
  • Чек-листChecklist for preparing your audience
  • Любое количество токеновAny number of tokens
  • Размещение токена на любой бирже Placement of a token on any exchange
  • Создадим токен в любой сети We will create a token for you on any network (Ethereum, Binance, DBX)
Full Set

Full kit

  • Стартовый наборStarter kit
  • Реферальная программаReferral program
  • Собственное приложение по работеOwn app for work
  • Собственный блокчейнOwn Blockchain
  • Собственный сканнер для токенаOwn Token Scanner
  • Веб-сайтWebsite

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